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Withdrawal of PIO Card scheme and merger of PIO Card with OCI Card


The Government of India has decided that all PIO Cards issued till 09 January, 2015 shall be deemed to be OCI Cards. PIO Card Scheme has been withdrawn with effect from 09 January, 2015.


Henceforth, applicants may apply for OCI Card ONLY, as PIO Card Scheme is no longer in existence.


Updated information on submission of applications for registration as OCI Card holder by erstwhile PIO Card holders:


  • The entire OCI application and processing system, including the submission of the application, uploading the requisite documents will be brought online by 31 July, 2015. The date of submission of online applications for registration as OCI Card holder in lieu of PIO Card has been extended till 30 June, 2016. The  cutoff date will be only for submission of applications online by  the applicants. The erstwhile PIO Card holder, with a valid PIO Card as on 09.01.2015, will have to upload only the following documents with his/her appplication: 


              (a) Copy of the valid passport

              (b) Copy of the PIO Card


  • The applicants can submit the applications online from wnywhere. The grant of OCI Card in lieu of PIO Card will be on gratis basis and no fee shall be payable by  the applicant. The OCI Card shall be issued by the Indian Embassy/Consulate/FFRO concerned within the Consular jurisdiction of the applicant's place of residence. The applicant will have to approach the Indian Embassy/Consulate/FFRO for collecting the OCI Card by surrenderng the PIO Card.  


  • OCI Card is a smart card, which will facilitate quicker immigration clearance at the Immigration counters in India. Therefore, PIO Card holders are advised to apply for OCI Card in lieu of PIO Card before 31 March 2016 at


  • PIO Card holders can travel to India on the basis of their valid PIO Card and valid foreign passport. As announced earlier, PIO Cards have life-long validity. An endorsement stating that existing PIO Card is valid for life would be made at the first immigration point with which the PIO Card holder comes into contact, be it the Indian Mission, FRRO or an immigration check-point. These endorsements / stamps would, however, not be mandatory.


  • In cases of erstwhile PIO Card holders, the new foreign passport number (when they get a new passport) will be endorsed on the existing PIO Card till the person concerned is issued an OCI Card in lieu of PIO Card.